Secret Guide Tnreginet Registration, Value Search, Know Jurisdiction, Apply EC 2021

Many state governments in India are launching website portals to make a lot of the government formalities easier to fulfill.

Tamil Nadu Government really works on turning the state into a more digital one.

It is indeed better to be able to register some things into the government’s books through just computer devices or mobile phones.

Tnreginet is a portal that has been launched by the Tamil Nadu government itself that allows citizens to register about a lot of things.

If you are a citizen of Tamil Nadu, you will be able to log onto the tnreginet portal and then register your birth, death, marriage and all other important things that the government should have an idea about.

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Why is Tnreginet registrations important?

Secret Guide Tnreginet Registration, Value Search, Know Jurisdiction, Apply EC 2021

Tnreginet is one of those amazing portals with a lot of services listed as soon as you go to its homepage.

Starting from registering your marriage online from this portal in Tamil Nadu and checking its status first-hand to finding any society document online, this portal is for all the possible services related to registration and government documents.

These registrations are important to be done online for more than one reason. Firstly, the process of any application on the Tnreginet portal is as easy as keeping an update with it.

Searching a document whose printed form may be misplaced or lost is really easy through this website. In fact, this website was made with the idea of reducing crowd around government offices.

We can’t deny that ever since, a lot of the government formalities started happening online, the crowd At government offices have reduced drastically.

This is definitely a good thing, especially in the pandemic situation.

Registering certain new documents manually will help you go back to them through just logging into the portal of tnreginet.

How To Register Yourself In The TN reginet Portal?

Not only did the Tamil Nadu government make an efficient website but also a really easy-to-use one.

Navigating through and around the website’s user interface is really smooth and easy. Here are the detailed steps for how to register on the Tnreginet portal:

  1. Visit the official website which is and the homepage will appear in right in front of you.
  2. The horizontal list of drop-down menus on top of the page is where you will find the option for registering yourself. Find the option of “registration” which will then give you a drop-down menu out of which you have to choose “user registration”.
  3. This will open up a registration form for the tnreginet in front of you. A lot of details are asked about your identity and you have to fill all the blocks that have a red star attached to them. This means that these fields are required to be filled, regardless of anything else. Entering your phone number would allow tnreginet to send an OTP on the same which you have to enter in order to complete the registration process.
  4. Click on “Register” to finally complete the process and move on to applying for certificates. It is really necessary to remember the details that you have entered during the time of registration.

Application For An Encumbrance Certificate On The Portal Of Tnreginet

Maximum of the people that visit the website of are actually applying for an encumbrance certificate.

This is a really important certificate for the citizens of Tamil Nadu which is why it is the main e-service that the portal offers.

This is the process of applying for an encumbrance certificate:

  1. Log in to the official website of Tnreginet which is already mentioned above. The user id and the password is the one you created during registration.
  2. On the homepage, you will find an option of e-services that will drop down to reveal “encumbrance certificate”. Clicking on that would allow you to view your encumbrance certificate.
  3. You can find the “apply online” option on the page. Click on that and you will land to a registration form.
  4. Fill in all the details that are asked to be filled and then submit the application. You may also be required to upload certain documents to prove your identity.
  5. Click on the “submit” button to start the application process.

To view your encumbrance certificate, almost the same procedure is supposed to be followed.

On the homepage, you will find an option of electronic services or e-services.

Hover your cursor on that to explore a drop down menu which would have an option of encumbrance certificate and then “View EC”.

Click on “View EC” to fill in a few details and check the status of your registration application.

This is the way of knowing your application’s status and the opportunity to be updated with it by just a click or a touch of a finger is quite revolutionary indeed.

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