PUBG Mobile Lite PC Download (APK+OBB) – Installation Guide

PUBG Mobile Lite PC Download (APK+OBB) – When it comes to playing online combat games then no one can deny that PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is one the best multiplayer action combat games that will rule this industry forever.

In this guide, we are going to provide you with a detailed guide regarding the PUBG Mobile Lite PC download and its installation process.

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite was a light version of PUBG which was developed for users with low configuration devices. This was also a great step and this game also gained a lot of fame.

The download size of PUBG lite is nearly 600 MB therefore it can be played smoothly in low configuration devices also.

PUBG Mobile Lite was developed by Lightspeed and Quantum and was released initially in August 2019. It was totally a copy of PUBG with some changes.

The graphics were a little smoky and a total of 60 players were included in a single battle match.

PUBG Mobile Lite PC

PUBG Mobile Lite PC Download

Many users are confused that they can enjoy PUBG Mobile Lite on their PC on windows rather than on an android emulator. The answer is yes, they can easily install the PUBG lite on their PC.

Basically, there are two ways to play PUBG Mobile Lite on your PC. The first one is to download and play the PUBG Mobile Lite PC version.

The second way is to use an android emulator such as Bluestacks and run PUBG Mobile Lite on that emulator.

Make sure your computer has sufficient space and comply with the minimum requirements for PUBG Lite PC. As PUBG is banned in India, you will need a VPN for PUBG to tackle the restrictions.

Minimum requirements for PUBG Mobile Lite PC

  • At least 4 GB RAM is required but we will recomend 8 GB RAM for smooth gaming
  • At least Intel Core i3 processor
  • Processo must be 2.4GHz for a smooth experience
  • The PC must have Windows 7,8,10
  • 64 Bit Operating Engine
  • The computer’s GPU should be around DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • PC should have about 4GB of Space

If your PC has at least these configurations then you can proceed with the next steps.

PUBG Mobile Lite PC Download (APK+OBB)

The process of downloading this game on your PC is very easy. You can directly download the game from its official website or you can go through the links provided here.

To start the installation process of PUBG Lite on PC, you will need PUBG Lite APK and OBB files. Working links of both the essential resources are given below in this article.

Tip – In September 2020, the Indian Government banned this game in India due to privacy reasons. Later the company launched an improved version for India that comply with the privacy policies namely Battlegrounds Mobile India. This game is available for many platforms such as Android, Mac, iOS, etc and you should try BGMI to safeguard your privacy.

Simply click the links and download both the resources before moving on to the installation process of the PUBG Mobile Lite PC.

PUBG Mobile Lite PC Installation Guide

After you download the APK file and OBB on your device it’s your turn to safely install this game on your PC. As we told you that there are ways to play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC.

The installation process of both methods is provided below.

If you want to play the official PUBG Mobile Lite PC version on your PC then follow these instructions.

  • To install the PUBG Lite PC version, you must have PUBG Lite Launcher whose link is given here or you can easily get it from the official website.
  • Run this software as an administrator, make sure you have an active internet connection.
  • After that, create an account on the application, once you login the launcher will start downloading the resources and essential files.
  • If you have already downloaded the OBB file then simply cut and paste that file under the main folder of the game.
  • Once the downloading is complete, restart the game and log into your account.
  • After that, you can play it without any hiccups.

In case you do not want to play the PUBG lite PC version you can use any android emulator to play PUBG Mobile Lite on your personal computer.

But make sure your device has minimum system requirements for bluestacks or any other Android Emulator.

Updated graphics card, At least 2 GB RAM, At least 4 GB space and Windows 7 are the minimum requirements for Bluestacks.

Here are the following steps to install PUBG Mobile Lite for PC using Bluestacks or any other Android emulator.

  • Install Bluestacks or any other android emulator software on your device.
  • Configure and set up the application properly
  • Run it as an administrator
  • An android system will be created on your computer
  • Simply open Google Play Store and start downloading PUBG Mobile Lite and install that.
  • Or you can directly install the application, in case you already have an APK file and Data.

In this way, you can play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC for free.


This was all about PUBG Mobile Lite and its download and installation process on PC. Both the ways of playing PUBG on PC are working and you will not face any issues while playing.

I hope you all find this guide for PUBG Lite Mobile is helpful. In case you still have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention that in the comment section.

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