IGRSUP Registration 2021 Online Property Registration Best Guide

IGRSUP is a service portal by the state of Uttar Pradesh which allows you to keep a track of a lot of things under their website.

Most importantly, when a person buys a property, it is very obvious that he has had planned that since before and put in a lot of efforts in order to make the house his/her.

This is the reason why having a proper knowledge about all the properties across the state of Uttar Pradesh was really needed.

The official website of IGRSUP gov actually allows anybody from Uttar Pradesh to track the property he/she has been eyeing on.

This allows you to exactly know the situation of the property, its area and even the address.

This was found by CM Yogi Adityanath, just to make finding properties easier for all the people living in the Uttar Pradesh.

Not only is it helpful for all the people that are still finding properties, but also for anyone who wants to track their registered property across the state.

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How To Track Already Registered Properties On IGRSUP?

How To Track Already Registered Properties On IGRSUP

After you have landed on the IGRSUP gov website, you will find a lot of options out of which you have to select the one that says ‘find your property.

All these options are actually written down in Hindi and you would even have to enter all the details of the property that you want to search about in the same language.

After you have clicked on find your property you will get an option of filling in a form. IGRSUP requires you to enter your district in the beginning, before proceeding to entering the address.

You are not required to enter the full address since if you enter even half of it, you will be able to see all the properties available that match with your search.

For example, if you have searched for a property in Lucknow with a landmark that you remember, your search results will show all the properties around the landmark.

This is how you will be able to know all the details including the specific address of the property you are trying to find.

Having entered the full address or even half of the address, you will have to choose the township from a drop down menu.

The village is also supposed to be chosen before clicking on submit. Remember that all of these details are supposed to be filled in Hindi. A hindi keyboard is given where you have to type the address.

All the properties related to your search will be available and when you find the exact property that you have been searching for, click on the hyperlinked text.

Doing that will land you on a page that contains all the details regarding the property you enquire about online.

Another way to search properties on IGRSUP is by entering the registration number as well as the year of registration of the property.

This is supposed to be done after you have already chosen the district that your property is located in.

Entering the proper registration number and year of registration would allow you to view the exact property you have been searching for in just a click.

This process is to be followed when you are not discovering but actually finding the details of a property you know about.

Details Available About A Registered Property Under IGRSUP Gov

A lot of people have been curious about the details that will be available once you try to track the property you have in Uttar Pradesh.

The answer to that is a lot of things, beginning from the year of registration to the sale value of the property.

You can see the exact date when the property was registered and also its stamp duty value.

The best part is the fact that you can also see the person that has sold the property, who is also called the first party.

Name of all the people that are owning the property presently and their details are given.

Number of people owning the property can be more than one and all the properties since 1950 or even earlier are recorded in the IGRSUP gov website.

It’s an amazing thing how IGRSUP allows all the people of UP to view all the property details that they want anytime. Everything being online makes the process even easier.

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