How To Sabarimala Q Online Booking 2021 Registration?

The state of Kerala has a lot of temples among which one is the Sabarimala temple in Perinad village. Sabarimala Q Online booking is for getting the chance to visit this temple during the puja.

This is one of the most renowned temples that people who worship Lord Ayyappa go and do their prayers.

The coronavirus pandemic has really changed a lot of things. People cannot freely go into the temple which is the reason why the Government of Kerala has put on a few restrictions.

Sabarimala Q online booking is an option given to the citizens of Kerala in order to book the slot in the line for worship of Lord Ayyappa in the Sabarimala temple.

During the covid situation last year, the Sabarimala temple was open from the 1st of November, 2020 to 14 January, 2021.

Sabarimala Q online booking was available back then as well. This time however, the Government of Kerala has decided to open data from 16th of October to 21st of October, 2021.

Many people are predicting that the dates will extend since there is Sree Chithra Atta Thirunal on the 2nd of November. That’s for later and what’s most important is the Sabarimalai online ticket booking details.

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Sabarimalai Online Ticket Booking Details And Limitations

How To Sabarimala Q Online Booking 2021 Registration?

On a particular day, a maximum of 250 people are allowed to enter the Sabarimala temple to worship Lord Ayyappa.

This is one of the biggest festivals in Kerala which is why the government has opened up the temple for some time.

One has to be quick in doing the Sabarimala Q online booking, because there are a lot of devotees who are trying to get a chance in the Sabarimala virtual que. These are also being called Darshan tickets.

If you are a new user who is trying to get the Sabarimala online darshan ticket booking done through the website, you would have to sign up first.

The same credentials are supposed to be used while logging in, which is why it is important to remember it wholeheartedly.

The first time the Sabarimala virtual que booking started was back in 1st November, 2020.

Documents Required For Sabarimala Online Darshan Ticket Booking

Devotees who are willing to worship Lord Ayyappa in the Sabarimala Temple have to do the Sabarimala virtual que booking.

For that, a few documents will be required that you can keep ready before starting the procedure for the sabarimala Q online booking.

The documents are:

  1. Any identity proof of yourself which may include the Aadhar card or the voter card etc.
  2. A passport size photo would be required that you need to scan first and then upload. This photograph must be less than 38 KB. This is the limit prescribed in which is the official website for Sabarimala Q online booking.

Procedure for the Sabarimala Q online booking 2021

The Sabarimala virtual que booking requires you to go through a particular procedure that is completely online.

The worldwide pandemic has really made the government think of creating online portals through which citizens of their particular state could access a lot of things.

Kerala has done the same with the Sabarimala Q online booking.

Here is the procedure by which you can book a slot in the Sabarimala virtual que:

  1. Go to the official website- which would allow you to login or register first.
  2. If you are a new user, you would have to register on the sabarimala Q online booking registration portal. If you are an already registered devotee, you can log on to your profile.
  3. The new rules only allow Aadhar card and voter ID as valid documents in order to register. Once you click on the “register” button, you will land on a page that would require you to fill in the pilgrim details i.e. your details.
  4. A few details like your mobile number, date of birth, gender and address are to be entered before uploading the photo ID proof.
  5. After you click on “register”, having filled in all the details, you would receive your user id and password for sabarimala Q online booking. This will be receive the mobile number and the email ID that you entered during registration. Star the message in order to not forget your user id and password that they created
  6. Login to your profile by putting in the credentials you just received. You will get a drop down menu called “online booking” which will allow you to click on “Virtual Q”.
  7. This will lead you want to a page where you would be able to search availability.
  8. Once you find a date that you are comfortable with and is also available on the official website, you can click on it and proceed further to the Sabarimala Q online booking process.
  9. After entering all the details that they ask you to, your Sabarimala Q online booking would be completed for exactly the date you selected.

If one wants to know more about the Sabarimala temple and Lord Ayyappa Pooja, he/she can go to and read all the details about it.

You can get pictures from previous years and also intricately written details on how to reach the temple.

There are a lot of facilities that are given to the pilgrims, which you can easily know about if you just go to the website mentioned above and click on the particular menus.

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