COVID-19 India – More than 45,000 Cases and 505 Fatalities

New Delhi, September 2, 2021 – We all are familiar that how coronavirus has created chaos all over the world.

It is still spreading due to which most of the people and companies are facing an economic crisis.

As per the fresh data, a total of 45,966 fresh COVID-19 cases and nearly 505 were registered in India on 1st September.

COVID-19 India latest Data

With this, the total tally reached 3,28,56,863 in India and the number of fatalities rose to 6,25,544, according to the latest data released by the official website of the Union Health Ministry. So far a total of 3,20,21,097 patients have defeated this virus and are fully recovered in India.

Maharashtra, Kerela and Karnataka are highly impacted and they are witnessing most of the cases. A total of 4456 new cases and 183 new deaths were recorded in Maharashtra.

On the other hand, Kerela recorded a total of 32,803 cases and 173 deaths in a single day. 36 new patients and no deaths were recorded in Delhi yesterday.

1159 new COVID-19 cases and a total of 21 fatalities were recorded in Karnataka. There are a total of 18412 active cases in Karnataka so far.

Due to the vaccination drives, we can expect that there will not be any third wave of covid. Vaccination in India is going on rapidly, and we are witnessing a record number of vaccination in a single day.

Data of some other states is given below –

StateNew CasesDeaths
Uttar Pradesh14
Tamil Nadu150920
West Bengal67912
Andhra Pradesh118610


As per the latest report, a total of 11% population of India is fully vaccinated and nearly 37.8% of the population is partially vaccinated in India.

Yesterday, India recorded a total of 1.28 crores doses. A total of 65,41,13,508 doses of vaccines are administered in India.

Update – Latest update is that the schools reopened from 1st September and many news states are reporting a spike in cases after the reopening of schools and colleges.

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